You want a secure partner when it comes to online business, take EMS!

You started a new business and you want to make it grow. You are aware that the only way to do it is to make it active in online world? In that case you should try new EMS payments system as one of the best online merchant service that you can possible find of the market.

What separates EMS from others? EMS Takes Your Security Seriously!

ssl-certificatesBesides the fact that we appreciate your time we are also aware how important is for you to practically everything online. We are also aware how dangerous is to deal with online frauds. Our security system is one of the best and you can be assured that all the information by every transaction will remain safe. We know that your customer is important you, and we know how is important to your customer to keep their information secure. Therefore, we create a leading security system that can protect you from any kind of online fraud, even if you are using mobile application. We can guarantee you that we are going to meet minimum data security standards known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Fast Approval

No matter how busy we are and no matter when you have decided to create your account we will approve it in less than 24 hours. Yes, you heard it well. You can rest assured that once you decide to fill out your application it won’t be neglect. Within 24 hours your merchant account will be approved. Usually, 97% of signed accounts are approved within a day.

Next Day Funding

This option is highly important especially for Friday or weekend transaction. This practically allow you to have your fund next day, no matter what part of the week we are talking about. We are aware that there are so many businesses that depend on receiving next day funding. If you decide to go for EMS, you can rest assured your merchant service will be linked to your bank of choice. This way you will keep your business smooth and secure because your cash flow will be more than stable. This option is most important in case of inventory purchase or funding payroll. You will find your funds available when you actually need them.

EMS is the most dependable associate and partner when it comes to online market. Avoid any high risk merchant account and go for one of the best, EMS. It is one of the most trustworthy systems you can find in the online world. Whether you are using online account or you use your mobile application we can guarantee you that with EMS merchant service you won’t make any mistake. With EMS you are in the safe hands. Every single information in our system is checked and protected you do not have to fear of any kind of fraud. Our system is equipped to protect you from all kind of online frauds.