Top places you must visit in 2017

Traveling is a great way to relax and forget about your tight work schedule and life-related obligations. Vacation is something all of eagerly wait to get some proper sleep or, for example, travel to a distant destination and acquire some knowledge about the culture of a particular place. The only problem with traveling is choosing where to travel. Many people have budget limitations or just time limits.

machu picchu

If you get fifteen days of vacation, it’s certainly not enough to travel the world. You should always plan a trip according to the amount of free time you’ll get. That said, you won’t need more than fifteen days to get the full advantage of the trip and enjoy the destinations we have to recommend. So, without further ado, let’s see what places are worth visiting in the upcoming year.

One of the places we always love to recommend is Mexico City, Mexico. As many people say this is a metropolis that has it all. This is the capital of Mexico, and it attracts eager travelers that are looking for the best cuisine, museums, and theaters in the world. Restaurants are amazing in this city; you can find anything from fried snails to some of the best beef you’ve ever tasted. The cultural power of this city is enormous. It has a ton of theaters, movies, and other cultural places.


The vast variety of choice is a benefit every individual gets when they are in Mexico City. The nightlife here is incredible. Young people from all around the world enjoy Mexico City to the fullest, and just a few of them didn’t use the full advantage of this city. Prices tend to be hefty, but if you avoid tourist hotspots, you should be fine when it comes down to the budget. Overall, if you ever think about going to Mexico City, don’t hesitate, just do it! You won’t regret a single second spent there and every second is going to be worth it.

If you’re a wine person and you like somewhat quiet places, Bordeaux in France is the perfect solution for you. This ancient wine region will see the opening of La Cite du Vin next year, and it’s going to be dedicated to the history of French viticulture. The landscape in Bordeaux is just breathtaking, once you see the gorgeous vineyards, you’ll never forget it, and it will stay engraved in your memory forever. In the recent years, the restaurant scene in Bordeaux has improved a lot. So, make sure you visit their restaurants, some of the best chefs in the world work in some of the finest restaurants in this city.

The last destination we recommend for 2017 is Malta. It’s an affordable place on the Mediterranean, and it offers a lot of great adventures. They have everything in Malta, all you have to do is ask. The people over there are just incredible!