That Time When I’ve Tried To Become A CSGO Smurf

Even though I have played csgo for a long time, never have I ever considered becoming a csgo smurf, well at least not until recently. What changed and made me make such a decision, I cannot tell. But this is my experience of becoming a smurf csgo.

First Steps

For my first experience as a csgo smurf, I had to make a new account. Soon I discovered that this is not as easy as it may seem. I have tried several websites that reassured me that they would provide me with a fully functioning account, which only ended in disaster. Finally, I stumbled upon, which seems to do a decent job and I was ready to continue.

Playing As A Smurf

csgo smurfWhen you are playing as a smurf in csgo, you are there with other players not based by your actual experience, but by the alleged experience that you supposedly have. This means that you are actually paired with players who are much below your actual rank, which makes it easier for you to play the game. While it makes the game last challenging for you as an experienced csgo player, at the same time it brings the game much more challenging for the unsuspecting player who is dealing with you as the opposing player. It can help you practice your skills, but it can also boost your confidence if you choose to be you really mean and exercise your dominance over the unsuspecting players.

Why Would I Play As A Smurf?

I am quite torn between whether it this should actually be used in the game. First of all, I know that many players play csgo this way and when I was less experienced I had the misfortune to face such players. However, as someone who is interested in playing rather than showing others that they I am better than they are, this experience was not really pleasant for me. I feel really bad for making someone not enjoy the game as much as they are supposed to enjoy it. While I know that it is a safe haven for anyone who is interested in boosting their confidence and improving their skills, it is at the same time making the experience not as enjoyable for other players, which is not at all commendable. I would like to reach out to all csgo players and advise them to use this strategy not to undermine the confidence of other players, but to really enjoy the game, and perhaps even practice some skills that they didn’t have the chance to practice while chasing progress on their main profile. In fact, this strategy could be very useful for those who are worried about making changes to their main profile and giving them an opportunity to enjoy the game from a different angle.