Best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve

Many amazing destinations offer impressive commodities for people who want to spend the most important evening there. The NYE is one of the most hectic nights in a year, and everybody loves spending it in the best way possible. Some people like calm and relaxing family environments, others love parties and clubbing. We have a few places to recommend, some are more focused on the dynamic, others are focused on the peace of mind.  Whatever you like doing that particular night, we’re sure that any of these cities will suit your needs. Bear in mind that these suggestions aren’t listed in any particular order. Because this night comes only once a year, you should make the best of it by choosing a top quality destination.


The first recommendation is, of course, the New York City. This city has it all, whatever you need or want can be found and, probably, bought. The most famous place for NYE in New York City is the Times Square. You can see a lot of famous rock stars, musicians, actors, and most importantly- a giant, 12000 pounds crystal ball. If you’re up for a less chaotic experience, feel free to make a reservation in some of the restaurants nearby, or overlooking the Times Square. Although it tends to be a pricey night, it’s worth every penny. Once you spend a NYE on the New York City’s Times Square, you’ll be coming back for years later. Even if you don’t come back, you’ll still have an awesome story to tell your friends.

Right after NYC, there’s Rio de Janeiro. Although it’s best known for its Carnivals, the New Year’s Eve comes close. There are over two million people present every NYE on the three miles long beach. The experience is unforgettable and incredible. The celebration includes large stages for various performances, from live music to amazing dance performances. Going to Rio won’t be a mistake, that’s a guarantee.

The last but not the least is Sydney. Sydney is the first big city where the clock hits the New Year mark. Also, this city is well-known for organizing one of the largest firework performances in the world for the NYE. Many beautiful traditions are going on during that particular night, and anyone who has the chance to visit Sydney should do it without any hesitation. You’ll earn an experience of a lifetime!