Music festivals in Europe you have to visit

I, unlike my colleagues, like somewhat more eccentric people. That’s why I love going to music festivals in Europe; I always manage to meet at least ten people who make my time there as pleasant as possible. If you’re a bit on the party side, feel free to read this article and implement some of my experiences into your travel experience, you might make it better and more enjoyable. Everybody loves music, after all, music is what’s connecting us for centuries. Regardless of your taste in music, these festivals have something to offer, for sure. Whether it’s beautiful people around you, great atmosphere, or famous artists, some of these things will certainly leave a positive impression.


The best music festival in Europe is, in my opinion, EXIT in Novi Sad, Serbia. The sole fact it’s located in Novi Sad is amazing. The city is great; it has a beautiful architecture, a river, and a fortress. Well, this festival is located on an ancient fortress, how cool is that? If you haven’t heard about EXIT you’re either not interested in music or you live far away from Europe.

If you ever get a chance to visit EXIT, just do it and don’t hesitate even a second. You have four days to spend all of your excess energy on dancing, partying, and hanging out with a massive amount of same-minded people. EXIT hosts a lot of international stars and the best thing about it is the variety of choice. You can have Prodigy playing on one stage while Rihanna sings on another stage at the same time. It’s a magical experience, and everyone should try it, at least once in a lifetime.ultra-europe

Another must-see festival is Creamfields in the UK. This is a festival of electronic music, and it’s widely known as one of the best ones in Europe. Names such as Calvin Harris, Avicii, Martin Garrix are coming to Creamfields almost every year. There are many famous individuals on the line-up list of this festival, and the environment is unbelievable. Once you feel the thrill of being in a group of similar people to yourself, you’ll never wish to go back to reality. This is one experience you shouldn’t miss.

Gary Knoxville