Milano, the capital of high fashion

Milano is the second largest city in Italy, one of the most beautiful, the center of fashion and design, the city where new trends are born as well as new ideas. There are many reasons why you should travel to Milano, and I always have a problem mentioning everything about Milano because it’s so charming and incredible. It is located in the foothills of the Southern Alps, in the center of Lombardy province far north. It’s also known as the economic heart of Italy, but that’s certainly not the main reason to visit it.
Milan city
The best way to travel to Milano (depending on where you’re located) is by plane. There are three airports located near Milano, so it’s easy to enter the city from the airport without much hassle. All you need is a taxi, and you’re okay. Although the official language used in Milano is Italian, they are relatively good with the English language as well. All of their hotel workers and many locals speak good English, which is a rare occurrence in Italy.

Milan fashnThe first thing you need to visit when you visit Milano is the Duomo cathedral. Anyone who stands on the Piazza del Duomo square and takes a look at this massive facility stands rooted for a couple of minutes amazed by the sheer beauty of this building. The biggest excitement comes when you go up on the roof. You can use the stairs or the elevator to get up there. Once you see the view from the roof, you’ll realize how mesmerizing Milano is. The entrance is free, but make sure to cover your feet and hands; it’s almost mandatory.

If you stroll down Via Dante Street, not far from the Duomo square, you’ll end up in front of the Sforzesco Castle. This castle is one of the biggest fortresses in Europe with over twelve bastions and a massive park. You can walk through the castle and the park, but you’ll have to pay if you want to visit the museum.

Santa Maria Della Grazia is another must-see place in Milano. The fact that this building is under the protection of UNESCO is more than enough information you’ll ever need before you see it in person. Once you step in this church, you’ll get a warm feeling around your heart until you live. This place induces a special feeling deep within your heart; it’s just magical.

Jessica Pierce