Italian cuisine in the middle of the Apennines

We all know Italian dishes are some of the finest yet simplest in the world. Well, it’s all good when you’re eating Italian food in your country, but when you step your foot in Italy, everything changes. You begin to realize how different the original Italian cuisine is in oppose to the one portrayed as Italian in your country. When you try the perfectly made pasta with some tender parsley topped with somewhat bitter parmesan made in Italy, you’ll get addicted instantly. I am here to recommend you some of the finest dishes you can find in Italy. If you ever find yourself wondering what to eat while you’re visiting, feel free to refer to this article and try some of these dishes, they’re amazing!

Italian_foodYou want to start with the classic Italian lasagna. It’s going to make an immediate impact on your opinion about lasagna because you’ve tried it before and you think that’s the “right” taste. Well, you’re in for a surprise, if we exclude the possibility of a bad chef. When you take the first bite of that lasagna, all your senses will sharpen to their limits, especially your sense of taste. When all of those sweet domestic juices hit your tongue and get mixed, it creates a new, special kind of flavor. It’s exciting even talking about it, let alone eating it. Trust me; the classic lasagna is the perfect dish for the grand opening of your adventure through Italian cuisine.
If you’re a fan of meat, Sicilian Meatloaf will blow you away. Italians are well-known for not using any sauce; however, they have a few dishes with sauce included. This dish is pretty simple to make, and most places in Italy have it on the menu. The most important element in the whole process is the guy cooking it. If you find a good cook the sky is the limit. This dish is made of ground beef, sliced ham, and cheese. Every other ingredient is top-secret, so people add some of their own, according to their personal preferences and taste. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab a Sicilian Meatloaf if you visit Italy; you won’t regret a single moment.

Jessica Pierce