How to: Get Medical Marijuana in Arizona

To use medical marijuana legally in Arizona, you need a medical marijuana card which a person can get if he/she goes through an application process. The whole process can be stressful; there are a lot of documents and other details that are highly relevant and that you need to gather. So, here is how to go trough the process and where can you find the help you will be needing.

Here are the steps you need to take as a resident of Arizona:

1. Prove your residency. You will need an ID, utility bill, or a passport that can prove that you are a resident. The people who are not from Arizona can maybe obtain this medical card, but the ADHS is deciding on each case individually.

2. You need to retrieve all your medical records, and also you will need a signed doctor statement – this doctor needs to be licensed by the ADHS in the state of Arizona to practice marijuana medicine. It cannot be just a written recommendation, it needs to be complete and signed an electronic copy of the physician certification form.

3. Your application needs to be submitted with as much medical documentation as you can gather. It is a requirement to obtain these records from your doctor who diagnosed you. The more you gather, the better your chances are so don’t dismiss anything. Make sure you got all of the copies too.

4. Now you will need to register with the Arizona Department of Health Services, and you can do it from their website. Remember, for this step you need to upload all of your documents in PDF format. For this you will be needing your electronic copies of photo identification, signed and completed physician certification form and qualifying patient attestation; also you need a current digital photograph, MasterCard or Visa payment and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP) documentation, if applicable. For patients under 18 years of age, please make sure you choose the relevant form.

Always remember

Keep in mind that if you smoke in public, that is considered recreational use, which is very illegal under Federal law and the punishments can be high. So it is best advised that you consume your medicine safely in your home or some other private residence. Also, you cannot consume it in your car, neither you can take your medicine to another state, and you cannot get the medical marijuana in other states with the card you got from your state.

To make sure you didn’t miss a step because we covered the basics, you can always seek help from arizona medical marijuana certification center where they have all the answers for you and will be able to help you if needed. And remember by the state law, the patient that is a qualifying caregiver, or the qualifying caregiver of a patient can grow medicinal marijuana only if there is no operational dispensary within twenty-five miles around the qualifying patients’ house.