The most beautiful capitals you must visit at least once

Every one of us loves visiting super-big capitals around the world. Some are more interesting than others, and some are more dangerous than others, it’s just the way it is. You have to make compromises in your travel plans to drain every possible advantage you can. Once you’re in the right mindset nothing can stop you from conquering some of these beautiful cities.

The first capital you should visit is Madrid, Spain. In the era of the Spanish Empire, Madrid was considered the most powerful city in the world. This city is full of museums, theaters, and repositories of European art. Madrid is the country’s center of the economic, political, and cultural empire. Make sure you visit the King’s Palace; some parts are made of pure gold. If you ever decide to visit Spain, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Madrid, you’ll regret it later.

Moscow is the second capital on my list. The capital of Russia has over 28 million people including the surrounding areas. It’s the largest city on the European continent. The latest researches have shown that Moscow holds the ninth place for the most expensive capitals of the world. So, although it’s incredibly beautiful, prepare for hefty prices. You can manage to find some cheaper areas in Moscow, so not everything is lost. However, regardless of the prices, Moscow is a must-visit capital on my list.

The furthest city on this list is Tokyo. It is the home of the most sophisticated railways, incredible food, malls, and much more. You cannot get bored in Tokyo, whatever comes up to your mind is doable and possible. Local people are great, and they’re friendly with the tourists. Tokyo is placed in the third position in the Global Economic Power Index, which means it’s incredibly developed. Japan is well-known for its hospitality towards people from other continents.
The culture is interesting and fun to learn. And the last but not the least, Japanese cuisine is peculiar, to say the least. I ate some things over there that I would never even have imagined eating back home. Japan affects the inner spirit of an individual and alters their certain beliefs. I have had some prejudices about Asian culture, but the moment I met some of my hosts all those prejudices vanished in an instant. Make sure you visit Tokyo is you have the chance, it’s great!

Michael Ramirez